Stendinik clothes horse, here we are!

Ingenuity and creativity are the characteristics that have distinguished us for over 20 years.

Nicola, my father as well as the creator of Stendinik, loves looking for solutions to the domestic problems that keep my mother busy day by day.

Its most successful is precisely the up and down ceiling clothesline.

Over the years we have studied product design and the materials to be used side by side, optimizing our product day after day.

Thanks also to the comments and advice of our customers, today the Stendinik clothes horse is a highly appreciated product by consumers, extremely reliable, robust, well-designed and durable over time.

The main feature of Stendinik is in fact its sturdiness and durability over time, given by the search for materials of local origin and completely assembled in Italy.

At a time when we are inundated with poor quality Chinese products, finding a completely Italian object with the manufacturing and quality of the past, together with modern materials and production techniques, is not easy. With Stendinik it is possible. That's who we are!

Carmine Stendinik

Stendibiancheria da soffitto saliscendi Stendinik

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Ceiling Clothes Airers Stendinik
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